Model Match is a new platform to educate and inspire your children in the world of fashion modeling. We also provide tools and opportunities for girls and boys who want to enter the fashion industry to be put in front of top scouts. Check out our Agency Partners section to see who we are working with

At Model Match we are taking a very realistic view of the fashion industry. Shows like America's Next top Model while great entertainment don't fully represent the day to day business of a new face in this industry. Equally while there are many great modelling agencies out there we have focussed on working with the top most credible agencies worldwide. We are offering you and your children real advice from top agents, scouts and models. We are also offering them the ability to be seen by top scouts and work with the very best agents worldwide

Parental Concerns: As a parent what should i watch out for in this business?

As with all things some modeling agencies are world class and offer the best support and opportunities for your children. Others are either not as good or are even unscrupulous in the way they way work. Be careful with any offer from an agency. Do your research. You are welcome to ask us, or even come onto model match live and ask our broadcasters for advice

Some agencies will say you won't need to spend anything. We are more realistic. To take your children to visit an agency etc there are travel costs to that journey and depending on how far away you live those can be larger or smaller. That being said any agency that requires you to pay for entry, pay for portfolios up front or leaves you or your children with substantial bills should be avoided and we want to hear from you if you have had such an experience. If you keep in your head to spend less than $100 dollars and if you exceed that, we suggest something is going wrong. Check out our post further down about larger ticket items. Model camps, portfolios, contests apps etc

We have to be realistic here that very few who apply make it to be models. That's a fact. It doesn't mean that those not selected are not beautiful, in fact there is a very specific look that is sort after by the fashion industry. There are also many reasons why agencies don't accept models. They often are overbooked so they have too many models and too few staff so really can't afford to take on anyone new. They sometimes have a girl working who looks similar to a model who applies, they don't then want to split their jobs between girls who clients might perceive as similar. They also just dont take on that many models a year. You as a parent should be a aware of that and we want to impress on your children that fact also.

For every Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell there are hundreds of girls who struggled for opportunities and to make ends meet. As a freelancer models are responsible for their own income and there is no minimum annual salary guaranteed. Today more than ever there are hundreds of girls competing in this market. Modelling is a great job, it has the potential to change someone's life in so many ways but its hard like every other job out there and we suggest parents should be aware of that. We suggest heading over to our blog inside Model Match or going on to Model Match Live and talking to some of our broadcasters. They will give you a honest appraisal of this business

Scammers with fake accounts. One of the most prevalent scams in the industry is for scammers to make a fake account on skype or email claiming they are from a model agency and requesting images or contact info. We are working hard to confront that by building our platform. But our advice is when you get contacted by an agent or scout on any platform. Double check their web address in their email.We would also recommend calling the office and speaking to the named agent. This scam is so prevalent that its better to be safe than sorry. If you or your children get contacted by anyone, be 100 % sure you are dealing with who you think you are dealing with

Model Match Questions

Model Match is free to use for candidates who want to apply to their local country’s agency. An English girl can use the app for free to access any service in the UK If she wants to apply or use anything worldwide she would have to pay our subscription fee. Our subscription fee is designed to be less than the cost of a metro ticket to and from seeing an agency. For that value we don't just give you access to one agency but to agencies and opportunities worldwide. For the price of a local offline opportunity we open up an global online world. The good news is the most anyone can spend per year on Model Match is $60. We have no further purchasing opportunities in the app, $60 is the most.

Yes it is! Safety is the most important part of our mission. Our agency partners are all selected for their reputations and their unimpeachable ethics. One of our founders is a working model agent and has been for the last 20 years. We have worked with both to put into place checks and balances that ensure that your child's information is safe, secure and that they will only be contacted by our accredited partners - a list of whom can be found in a partnering agency page.

If you have signed a parental consent form and would like to revoke it to remove your child from model match. Please contact providing details of your request and proof of identity. All data will be deleted or anonymised within 30 days of the receipt of your email.

Model Match takes our commitment to the safety of our users very seriously. In accordance with localised legislation, minors require the sign consent of their parents to be a part of our community. Please see more detail in our terms and conditions -

Whatever your concern we want to hear about it. Drop us a line at the bottom of this page.



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