Before trying to create an account please check you are eligible (please see further down) Download the app from the app store of google play, fill in the signup to get started.

Check out how Model Match Works inside Model Match for samples.Agencies want the most basic picture think of an ID card style image and you are close.Less is more

No! In fact you have to take a picture through your camera on your phone. Agents and scouts do not want to see photoshop and professional lighting - they want to see you! Just us the add photo feature and take a photograph of yourself through the app. Our algorithms will do the rest.

Model agents get millions of applications a year and only want applications from people that really want to be models. If your friend wants to be a model you can encourage him/her to create an account but you cannot create one for them. Failure to comply with these rules could lead to both you and your friend being unable to use the application.

Email and Username Troubleshooting

Your Username is your email and there is a lost password form on the app

if you have lost access to your email please get in touch with us on the contact us form and we will help you out

If you have received any notification you were not expecting from us or a notice that you have created an account and you haven't please contact us straight away at

We do not allow users to share an account so if at any time you worry about the security of your Model Match account please immediately log in and change your password. Remember the more complicated your password is the more secure it is.


Model Match has a strict terms of service policy - We will remove and block users that are in violation of our terms of service. This will include/ but is not limited to behaviour such as 1, Uploading inappropriate images to the application 2, Uploading images that you don't own or don't feature your likeness contained in them 3, Any attempt to get other user data or access data which is not your own 4, Inappropriate or hostile language or actions to our model agent partners or users in Model Match live castings if in doubt please read our full terms of service policy here -

If you believe that your account has been removed incorrectly please email our head of customer support at

I forgot my password

Try the forgotten password from on the sign in page of the app

Head over to our contact us form and send us the details of your query. Someone will get back to you

Open Castings

Model Match’s open casting give you the opportunity to meet agents and get direct real-time advice and feedback. Here's how it works. Every day our agency partners will hold live open castings. This is exactly like an open casting but on your phone. Go to the open casting and contests tab in the app to find out what's coming up. They will publish what time they start, for more information on each agency head over to our participating agencies tab. The scout will then get to see everyone who has joined the open casting and based upon what they are looking for will choose who to speak to. If you get chosen Model Match will open up a video connection between you and the scout. Normally live castings last for an hour and each individual session takes between 3 - 6 mins.Good Luck!

Don't worry. Often agents are looking for very specific things in open castings and it doesn't mean much if you are not chosen to speak to them. Don't be disheartened and try again! Don't forget also that Model Match is educational too. We have some great events and speakers using the Model Match Live tool. People who have been where you have and know how to get where you want to be. So have another go! If you are feeling disheartened don't worry to drop us a line. Head over to our contact page and we are there to help

How to Use Model Match

Yes it is! Everyone knows being a successful model is about so much more than having the look. We have a huge program (and growing everyday) of live events. Our speakers are not just limited to Models and Agents, we will have people from business to teach you about how to manage your finances, fitness to give you advice and tell you what works for their clients and dietitians and naturalists to help you be healthy. We are really proud of the educational tools that Model Match provides. They are interactive and cover a range of subjects.

Model Match does not, has never nor will ever represent any talent. For us the Agency model will always be the core of the modelling world. Our technology is there simply to make those Agencies more efficient and allow agents and scouts the time and freedom to work on the things they do best!

There is no maximum age but please do check the minimum ages in Terms and Conditions It is a legal requirement for us to make sure our users are old enough or have the permission of their parents below a certain age. If you are too young or your parent will not sign for you please do not try to sign up for the application. You will only be wasting your own time and damaging your chances of being a model in the future. You cannot sign with an agency without parental consent and so you just risk being blocked from the application process in the future.

About Us

Model Match was created by a team both from the modelling world as well as from outside it. Our vision of inclusivity and opening up the scouting process so that it is not limited by geography or boundaries has captured the imagination of models, agents and technologists alike and we are lucky enough to count all of those three groups as stakeholders, shareholders and advisers to our business.

Model Match will be a success if we can provide opportunities and connections that not would /could not have existed before. Model Match sits in the middle of potential models and modelling agents - our goal is to improve the experience of scouting better for both parties. If we can achieve that we will consider Model Match a success!

Model match is a diversion of Model Intelligence labs a Hong Kong Company based at 20F Central Tower, 28 Queens Road Hong Kong

Our agency partners are so important to us. We are very careful when we select them. We only choose the best agencies in each country we are in. We do not accept applications. Quite simply our partners are the biggest, best most trusted names in the world

Technical issues

The app is stable in most versions of production If you are encountering problems please be in touch with us at

Like all apps sometimes we have to take time for changes and maintenance. check out for our operating status.

If you find something that doesn't seem to work as expected please email

Our app is designed to work on apple phones from ios 11.0. This should allow you to use the app with any phone greater than a 5s. On android our minimum supported version is Android 7.0 Nougat (API 24).

Need technical support email

Health and wellbeing

Check out the guidelines from our participating agencies. We are working hard to put the most diverse agencies onto our application. But you don't need to be any weight or height to enter but do keep in mind the end goal agency you are approaching. The majority of fashion modelling is directed at girls being at least 5ft 8ins tall (1.73cms) and proportionately around 34-24-34 (86cm-61cm-86cm), male model are normally at least 6ft tall (1.83cms), chest 40 (suit regular), and inside leg 33ins (84cm). Those are the standard guidelines and there are exceptions in every instance but like with all our advice at Model Match, knowledge is power. Know the business you are trying to enter and manage your expectation accordingly.

We understand that like any job modelling can be a hard process and sometimes it might seem too much. Scouting can feel like you are being judged as human being rather and that's never a good feeling. Remember modelling is just a job and the scouts are just looking for certain physical attributes that speak nothing to you as a person. Remember also that sometimes things are not meant for all people and that just because you didn't succeed today doesn't mean you failed. Still not feeling good? Get in touch with us or make use of some of Model Match’s content.


Our aim with Model Match was always to make it as cheap as possible. Our goal was to make the application cheaper than a train ticket to come in and see an agent. So a full subscription including access to our live casting events, content and competitions is just $5 a month. We do also offer a limited free service. Which allows you to get to grips with the application and try out some of the features.

Types of accounts

With A free account you get all features within your country for free. You can apply to your regional agency. You can enter contests in your country, You can enter open Castings in your country. If you want to apply worldwide and use Model Match without restrictions see our paid offer

With a paid account you can use Model Match unfettered. Apply to all out agencies on the list, Enter all our open castings and contests. Reward your favorite models in live.Enjoy full access to all our editorial content

No - premium users and free users look the exact same to our scouting and agency partners. Premium users just get more access to content and the chance to be involved in open castings, searches and contests

No! Model Match will only ever contact you through the application. Payment for use of the platform will only ever be conducted through the Apple App store or the Google play store.

GDPR + Data privay

Yes please see our terms and conditions for more information about our data policys and GDPR compliance

Yes. The platform is very secure and we commit to never selling or transferring our users’ names, email address or addresses to any other third party without getting our users permission first

We are committed to use our platform to bring about positive change in the fashion world. We want to know what the world thinks about the fashion business so that we can pass those messages to top agencies and brands to be more inclusive and diverse.